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sunny Fresh hope Cup The far east 2009 Auto Parts Top Ten Award awards ceremony held in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse awesome. From more than 2 hundred nationwide Auto Areas Manufacturers And the programmes are gathered in the capital witnessed Festival. As the owner of honour Huzhou first registered Sequence Transmission Co. Ltd. General Manager Mr. Wang Meigen seem very humble down-do the work every day to get ready for the future marketIn he has repeatedly known as the work of the conditions .
Huzhou Chain Transmission Corp. Ltd. registered before the Country wide Standardization Technical Committee people in the chain travel unit. General Manager Mr. Wang Meigen is the founder of your production chain in Huzhou one of the organizations have been establishing new products belonging to nationwide provincial blank replace shipped in products. Make money fast denver Below would be the Record-
HC Network – Hello everybody here is the sunshine Brand new Hope Cup 2009 Cina Car Ten components industry site collection of the award on this occasion we are invited to board the first cycle drive Huzhou Manufacturing Corp. Ltd. General Manager Wang Mei-Gen Hello.
Wang Mei root- Hello.
HC network- You won the Ten Excellent Entrepreneur title now the cardiovascular system and we share that.
King Mine- Saying thanks to the experts and the support of friends within the industry which is the sector to our honor along with the recognition of triumphs in 2009. I think the Ten Outstanding Entrepreneur is the identify on my own responsibility is a lot more important than honour. After much perform to do.
HC Network- Huzhou initial board the sequence drive manufacturer in the same category during 2009 obtained a good company development.
As a business leader you believe of which in 2009 the company manufactured the most important achievements in which
King Mine- Huzhou very first registered Chain Transmission Co. Ltd. is specialized in producing all kinds of accuracy bush chain silent chain ball archipelago and chain producers the annual production capacity of more than 600 million units. All of us Motorcycle Chain starting up gradually spread to the automotive chain last year focused on the development of motor vehicle chain products currently is Mini cars Chain has done better. The market is focused primarily on the maintenance of the home-based market and South east Asia. From the perspective of the development in 2009 our products Market The total is still the major motorcycle accessories however the benefits generated more optimistic aspects of vehicle chain. Therefore the following our focus are often more chain extended for the car business. The year just gone according to market demand we have successfully designed new models SAIC-Wuling Automobile chain and has recently been gradually recognized by the market industry.
HC Network- Please focus on starting their own establishments from the economic crisis following Chinese car market knowledge.
King Mine- Chinas automobile market for leads I have an optimistic attitude. From the most extreme time of economic crisis is visible our country and peoples livelihood within the macro-control issues the state put in great efforts. This particular spurred the development of car or truck industry and vehicle consumption. The development of car aftermarket will have a superb trend. But for the 1st board so as Huzhou after market parts to pay attention to businesses or require some preparation. After the current market rate will not be quickly apparent it needs a new cycle. At present we do is prepared in advance in accordance with market demand immediately after market parts will be used for products developed before the market acknowledged it. With the repair of product upgrading industry will gradually after the use of these products we can hope to succeed of others. Make money fast denver

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