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Last evening I had a relaxing and most enjoyable time at The School II in Chanhassen Minnesota. For a couple of hours I sat perched on a high bar stool at a round table in the lounge location of your restaurant getting gone there with my son and daughter-in-law to hear the early evening entertainment and have a meal while performing so.
My son and his wife have frequented this restaurant and lounge a number of times. My son plays trumpet and among the two dynamic entertainers on Thursday evenings will be the highly-acclaimed trumpet and flugelhorn artist Jeff Carver.
The entertainment
Jeff Carver and Carol Z are two high-demand specialized musicians executing all through the Twin Cities Metro area who team up to play smooth jazz and uncomplicated listening melodies inside the lounge of The School II.
Carol Z seats herself in a comfy niche close to a window within the lounge from which she engages the crowd with some warm greetings to prospects and interjects together with the names of songs and a bit of storyline while the sets are staying performed. Solo ads blast Carol Z may be the half in the duo who supplies the vocals in her expressive engaging and unique style though mixing in some guitar accompaniment.
From Carol Zs bio- She performs often as a solo artist and is in numerous groups as lead and backup singer songwriter keyboard and guitarist. Her exceptional design and passion for singing and writing make it not possible to label her considering that she tailors her sound to match the lyrics she writes that is about everything from soup to nuts…. literally A bit funky a bit mellow a little jazzy… she is usually a wannabe drama queen telling stories in and around her songs that make you laugh and cry.
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Making almost everything operate throughout the evening as a special lounge act jazz artist Jeff Carver will take up either his trumpet or flugelhorn to smoothly blend in with Carol Zs singing or to play solo. Jeff doesnt sit an excellent deal – he likes to wander about gradually in the lounge place typically pausing though he strolls or even sitting briefly by consumers I saw very a bit of cell phone photography in play usually producing sure that the regulars and new men and women feel comfy and entertained.
Jeffs playing is smooth and somewhat mellow – in case you are afraid of trumpet dont be You wont be jolted with sharp tones once you hear Jeff play at The College II Because I love the sound of trumpet I strategy to complete an post soon featuring Jeff Carver who is the two a lead player and smooth jazz soloist on each trumpet and flugelhorn to let my readers know extra regarding the particular person behind the horn. Ive an interview with Jeff in the functions so watch for an upcoming post quickly.
The ambiance of The College II
You enter this restaurant through the bar and lounge location in which you could either sit for dining at one among the tables scattered all through the lounge in one of the lounge chair niches at the bar or in a separate dining location within the back from the restaurant. This restaurant seems focused on delivering a at ease feel the bar and lounge staying somewhat Cheers-type with customers wandering back and forth amongst tables and also the bar to greet one another. One couple was dancing in a modest spot close to the bar when the sets had been becoming played.
I looked in to the dining region towards the back of the restaurant. Once again the dcor is very low-key and suitable for quiet dining and very good conversation. Theres a modest stage in that place from which entertainment is provided through late evenings or on holidays.
The food at The School II
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Our party wasnt hungry adequate for the entrees but there are several appetizers pizzas and entrees on the menu from which to choose. Two of us ordered the Apple Gorgonzola pizza with caramelized apples and onions and gorgonzola cheese. The other ordered the Chicken Sausage pizza with chipotle chicken sausage caramelized onions roasted tomatoes oyster mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. Each had been fantastic and have been almost certainly the common size of modest pizzas. I could not eat rather all of mine but my son finished off the last piece
In summary
The College II offered a relaxing and most enjoyable spot for dining and early evening live entertainment on the Thursday evening that I was there. Jeff Carver and Carol Z normally perform most Thursdays evenings. They are going to not be playing subsequent week but are scheduled right after that for the first and third Thursdays from 5-30 – 9-00 pm plus the second and fourth Thursdays from 5-00 – 7-30 pm.
This schedule will alter from time to time just get hold of the club once you want up-to-date details.
The School II- Call 952-949-0000 for reservations or information and facts.
I definitely hope to return to The School II quickly in order that I can hear Jeff Carver and Carol Z carry out again. Sources-

DISCLOSURE OF Material CONNECTION-The Contributor has no connection to nor was paid by the brand or product described in this content. Solo ads blast

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